Look Up

I was sitting in the waiting area at the bank. A woman came in and sat down across from me. A minute later, she moved over to sit next to me. (I didn't question this as the seats on the other side had the line of customers right behind them.)  The banker came out and said, "I can help whoever is next."  We looked at each other for a moment. (Usually, the second person indicates the first person is next.) As I started to get up, I said, "I am." She raised an eyebrow and said, "Oh. You were next?"
You sat across from me and then next to me. I never moved. I'm not hard to miss. 😳
At first, I thought this was funny. The more I think about it, though, it's a little sad and even kind of scary. Things happen so fast, now more than ever. Opportunities can be missed. Accidents can happen. We spend so much time looking down. What else are we missing if we don't even see the person sitting next to us?
For so very long now, we've talked about how techn…

Why I choose Juice Plus over and over again!

I was introduced to Juice Plus+ at a time when I was set in my ways with another product. I was in a rut and the other product was feeling more like an obligation than something I enjoyed and wanted to share. A dear friend reached out to me about Juice Plus+ and I didn't want any part of it. Being relentless, she sent me samples of the capsules, chewables, and shakes anyway. Grrr.

What I didn't know at the time is that Juice Plus+ was founded over 40 years ago and is *the* most researched nutritional supplement out there. Over 30 research studies in hospitals and universities around the world have shown the benefits of adding Juice Plus+ to your daily routine. More than 20 prestigious medical and scientific journals have published studies on Juice Plus+. So basically, JP isn't a fad, a scam, or a fly-by-night company.

Let's start with the shakes. I had been using a crazy-expensive shake that boasted exotic ingredients, sourced from all over the world. Seriously, the i…

Judge not, lest ye miss out on hidden beauty.

I bought some bok choy the other day. It was a typical bok choy, pretty unremarkable. I's leaves were a lovely shade of green and all, but still...bok choy is bok choy... am I right? I love leafy greens and buy them often. They're so good for you and add a lot of nutrients to your diet! Because they're such a staple, I rarely look at them other than to make sure they're not witly or buggy. I never thought to take a picture of it, so here's a random online photo.

Being a cruciferous, leafy green veggie, you know it has all kinds of vitamins and minerals. In fact, bok choy is very high in Vitamins A, C, K, and folate, and minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron. We also get some fiber and protein, as well as a bit of magnesium, zinc, and copper. It has a mild flavor so it's great raw or steamed. It lends well to soups, salads, stir-fries, and even smoothies! The entire stalk is edible so there's less waste and it's also not expensive in most s…