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My Daughter and Her Monster

(I posted this a year ago on a former blog. It is weighing heavy on my heart again, so I wanted to share it here.)

My daughter is sick. And everyone keeps expecting her to just... not be. I wish I could say I was better than everyone else, but I'm not. I keep hoping the day comes when she's not afflicted anymore. When she's "normal" and feels and acts like her actual sweet self. When she outgrows this so-called childhood illness.

It could happen.

It could happen this week.

It could happen this year.

Or it could never happen. Her illness could continue throughout her life. Making everyday activities insanely difficult for her.

She has ADHD and ODD. Almost everyone knows about the former - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - and how it can rob you of sanity by making everything a painstaking process. But not so many people know about the latter. An illness that can tag along with ADHD in many children, Oppositional Defiant Disorder is exactly what the na…

Winter Holiday Angst

Let’s start with why I’m writing this. I am a Christian. I like to say Merry Christmas and I enjoy celebrating the birth of Christ. I also like to follow the Golden Rule and treat others as I wish to be treated. What I don’t like is all the people (on all sides) who get angry about words and traditions and claim that others are wrong for the things they enjoy about their holidays.
First up: Happy Holidays
It’s a greeting. Not an attack. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, or if you don’t celebrate at all, most people have gatherings of friends and family at the end of the year. Saying “Happy Holidays!” is a way of acknowledging ALL celebrations, not NONE of them. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, there are several winter holidays that various religions, nationalities and/or groups celebrate. Let’s also keep in mind that in Canada, Thanksgiving is earlier than in the US and not everyone celebrates New Years on January 1st, so the holiday season around the world can span several mon…