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And yet, I'm totally healthy...

For years now, I've been tumbling through various stages of not feeling well. Seemingly unrelated symptoms have been plaguing me. Any tests I've had done have come back normal.
I spent five years dealing with ridiculously irregular, rapid-fire menstrual cycles that eventually led to a hysterectomy when no explanation could be found.
So I've been compiling all the symptoms I've been having and started to wonder if there's any way they could all be related. In no particular order:
Sinus/nasal congestionPhlegmSneezingAllergiesShortness-of-breathEczema/mini blisters on my handsGasBloatingIrregular bowel habitsFatigueInability to concentrate or focusBrain fogIrritabilityIncreased appetiteAcneNumbness/tingling in hands and feet Since I added wheat back into my diet for celiac testing, the shortness of breath, that had been gone, is back. My eczema has gotten worse and my allergies have exploded. In fact, all of these symptoms have gotten worse. I have all but l…