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Test Results... Wait...what?!?

I finally got my test results from my endoscopy the other day. While there was inflammation, my doctor doesn't believe it to be celiac disease. As far as that goes, we're still looking at Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. So...still stay away from the stuff.
NCGS means that your body still suffers from gluten exposure the same way that someone with celiac does, it's just not an autoimmune response. So yay and boo at the same time.

But here's the fun thing...I'm lactose intolerant. My doctor advised me to follow a very strict lactose free diet until my appointment in June when we'll discuss how to proceed.

What? I knew cheese didn't like me, but seriously, I figured it was something IN it. I stopped drinking regular milk a long time ago and prefer to use coconut, almond, or flax in my Juice Plus shakes. I do that mainly for fewer calories. OK, I've wondered if lactose was a problem, but I figured it wasn't...mainly because it's so random that dairy …