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The One Place I Expected Support But Hit A Big Fat Wall

There have been many times in my life when I decided it was time to get serious and lose weight. Sometimes I'd be very successful. Typically, as soon as I'd reach a milestone and start feeling pretty good about myself, I'd start to backslide. It was usually pretty simple, like someone encouraging a celebration of my weight loss success that included ice cream or cake. (Smart, I know.)
More recently, my goal shifted. Sure, I'd love to lose weight, but I'm much more interested in FEELING better than LOOKING better. I'm more interested in being healthy than trying to be thin. Being thick or curvy doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I'm more a fan of the softer looking woman than the svelte or athletic builds. That's the "ideal" to which I aspire. Someone still likes to remind me that my ideal body is way out of my league.
After my hysterectomy, I started gaining weight. One year and one gluten challenge after my surgery, I had gained 40lbs. T…