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Feeling pretty darn good...

As I sit here, with wine, music, tiki torches, a fire pit, and amazing friends, I can't help but think that I'm in incredibly blessed. 

I'm this moment, I feel like everything is just fine. :-)

You'll have to use your imagination with that picture of the tiki torch. I was not utilizing the low light settings on my iPhone camera. :-)

Accomplishments...Even little ones are a big deal!

Today I checked a lot of things off my to-do list! You might be thinking, "So?" For me, every check is a big deal. Did I finish my whole list? No. Did I do more than I thought would? Yes. Am I bummed that I've still got things to do? Of course. Am I proud that I made progress? You bet'cha!!!

How did I do it? Firstly, my husband kept me on track. When I'd start drifting, he'd say, "What's next?" That helped me refocus and get back to the tasks I really wanted done. My garden is still a mess and I have indoor and outdoor plants that need love. But I finished 5 loads of laundry. One load was towels and I just hung them all right back up out of the dryer and one load was sheets that went right back on the bed. (Because folding is the work of the devil). Underwear and shirts were all properly put away and the pants are still in the dryer. You might still be thinking, "So?"

For me, it's very hard to complete tasks. I'm exceptional at…