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It's up to you!

We're all about the bucket lists these days. I know *kids* who are adding to or working on bucket lists. What the heck?!? Go be kids! Stop thinking about kicking the bucket! (Terminal patients are a different story. Go get it and more power to you! 💟)

Don't let "to do before I die" overshadow "to do today," by putting off your wellness goals until after you make a dent in your lifelong goals. Think of how much better you'll feel, and how much more time you'll have to check things off that bucket list, if you prioritize your health and fitness today.  What can you do? Just start. 😊

Here are some ideas if you're starting from sedentary:

1.) 10 minutes of yoga and/or Pilates each day. (Take a class or find tutorials on YouTube. Message me for more info.)

2.) If you drink soda, quit. Add some seltzer to fruit juice if you need some sweet fizz. Water is always best.

3.) Add more fresh vegetables. 7-13 servings a day is what we should be having. No…

Taking Control!

I used to aspire to be Wonder-Woman-meets-Donna-Reed. I'd give 110% to everything/everyone. As you can imagine, that gets tiring. I rode out a lot of stressful times, still doing my best. Then I got blindsided by a particularly stressful time that derailed me. 
It was as though Wonder Woman and Donna Reed bailed and left me to handle their responsibilities as well as mine. Not cool, ladies. Not. Cool. 
It didn't take long for my stress level to spike so high that I started to shut down. As I faltered, I started to focus on my shortcomings. I was battling depression on an epic scale that I hadn't experienced in years. It took hold of my very soul and slowly...agonizingly...sucked the life out of me. 
I didn't deal with it. Yes, I took medicine, but it didn't work. (I now know that it was bipolar, not depression, which is possibly why.) I could no longer see a way out. I was stuck and this was my life now and I could no longer hide it. What did I do then? I made a count…

A funny thing happened...

Good Morning!!!

For about the past two years, I've been late to work. Some days, it's because I'm taking my kids to school and that's understandable. But when they're being taken by my mom, with their dad, or out of school, I should be at my desk at 8:00 a.m. Easy... right?

It wasn't easy for a long time. It started with thoughts like, "They don't know what days I'm taking my kids to school," allowing me to take a little extra time getting ready. The better part of one of those years was spent struggling through a really rough time. I was under a LOT of stress and mornings were really busy with packing lunches, making breakfasts, getting everyone ready for work and school, and rushing around, all while trying not to make any noise. Mornings were also the only time I had to get some things done, like put away laundry, get dinner prepped and/or in the crockpot, wash dishes, etc.
When that stress subsided, I got to relax a little. It was no lo…