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January is for New Beginnings!

New Year's has always been a blessing and a curse for me. More than any other time of year, I think about my lost loved ones around New Year's Eve. I miss them and wonder what my life would be like if they were still here to share it with me. Would my father spoil my children? Would my grandparents adore my husband? Would my aunt and I still go earring shopping? The most nagging question, as I suppose it is for everyone who has lost a loved one... Would they be proud of me? Birthdays and other holidays may still have a sting even after all these years, but New Year's... that's when it hits me.

But then this amazing thing happens... We get a new beginning! Just like insurance deductibles, our slate is wiped clean and we get to start all over again! Just two weeks from today, 2016 will be behind us and we'll be staring, bright-eyed, into 2017 with all our hopes, plans, and dreams laid out in front of us.
We renew our goals in January. We make resolutions and pla…