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Wait... I can have ramen again???

I must confess that I used to looooooooove ramen noodles! I did! I loved them! They're awful for you, being nothing more than a concoction of preservatives, salt and wheat. I used to use very little water, half the flavor packet, and add veggies and cheese. Yum!!! What a great, low budget meal, right? *hanging my head in shame* When I started making serious efforts to get healthy, I began to scrutinize labels. One glance at what ramen had to offer and it was outta here. Now that I have celiac disease, I'm even less tempted by them. (I mean, if I'm going to make myself sick over gluten, it's going to be for something much more fun than ramen noodles!) Every now and again, though, the mood strikes.
As I was walking through Harmon's (local grocery store) I stumbled upon Rice Ramen. This particular flavor is wakame and brown (rice). Wakame is a sea vegetable (aka seaweed). Let's see what we've got here. #GlutenFree #ReducedSodium #OrganicRice #NonGMOIngredient…