Coaching consists of so much more than the time I spend in front of you. I work for hours behind the scenes, researching your individual concerns, testing recipes and workouts, planning classes or sessions, organizing events and information, and more, to design your customized program. To be sure that I can give you the most accurate and relevant information and “bang for your buck,” it takes at least an hour to prepare for each session. 

  • During package period, additional hour-long sessions may be purchased for just $30 each.
  • Field Trip sessions must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Extra participants (except as noted) will incur additional fees (up to full session price) due immediately.
  • In-home Meal Prep: Client may include one other adult, living in the same residence. Menu will be discussed at time of scheduling. Client will provide food and kitchen tools and will be the main participant in preparation.
  • Navigating the Aisles: Client only. We will meet at the store of your choice, within Salt Lake County. We will visit only one store per trip.
  • Pantry Revamp: Client may include any family members living in the same residence. Organizational recommendations will be made during session, but client will be responsible to purchase their own items, such as boxes, drawers, etc. If the items are already available, they will be utilized during session.
  • Classes must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Specific topics to be decided at time of scheduling. Location to be agreed upon at least one week prior to class. Headcount to be finalized at least one week prior to class. 
  • Mileage will be billed after the class/session unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance.
  • All items listed in each package are valid only during the agreed upon package duration. Any services not redeemed during package duration will be forfeited.

  • Coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnoses.
  • Coaches are not medical professionals..
  • Results are dependent on client's participation and can not be guaranteed.

Coaching Services


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